Merle French Bulldog price

A unique and beautiful pattern, the Merle French bulldog is one of the coolest of all Frenchies to own.  Owning a Merle Frenchie for sale can be pretty interesting when going to the dog park or pooch store.  Eye catching as can be, Merle French bulldog price can be a bit higher than normal Frenchies.

For sure, these pups are absolutely gorgeous and no two are alike!  Being completely unique because of their one of a kind pattern is just part of why owning a Merle Frenchie puppy is so cool.  There are many, many different types of French bulldog puppies for sale that are different kinds of Merle.   If you’re interested in Merle French Bulldog Stud Service or Frenchy stud service, check out the best male in the business, Elon Sacks.

Blue Merle French prices

A blue Merle french bulldog puppy is just one of many types of them.  Another cool option is the Lilac Merle French bulldog. The merle gene allows for a broken pattern on an otherwise solid coated or solid colored dog.  Among all rare French bulldog colors is the Merle including all of it’s variants.

Lilac Merle French bulldog price

Yet another variant of the Merle gene is the Lilac Merle Frenchie.  As cool as the blue but even lighter in color, the Lilacs are just breathtaking.  Most blue and Lilac Merle keep their blue eyes that they are born with throughout their lives.  Usually darker pigmented dogs will retain a darker shade of blue iris.

Other types of Merle French Bulldogs prices

With so many types of Merle french bulldog prices, you can never be sure that you’ve counted them all.  Another great color that is beautiful and breathtaking is the Isabella Merle Frenchie.  This is available as a fluffy frenchie for sale as well as a non fluffy.  Isabella Frenchie can cost quite a bit as well due to how rare they are.

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Merle French Bulldog

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