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Frenchies are available in so many colors and combinations often referred to as French Bulldog colors.  Some are referred to as rare, or rarest of all.  Often Rare Frenchie colors are based on containing combinations of multiple genes and how they are expressed.  Color variants often exist based on combinations of genes color alleles and how they are either expressed partially, fully, or not at all.  A French bulldog price chart is a common search for those trying to understand the prices and costs associated with different colors and genetics as well as coat type.

Lilac French Bulldog colors

lilac french bulldog color

Lilac French bulldogs are some of the most beautiful of all colors.  A lighter version of grey that almost looks light purple especially when the light hits it right.  There are a variety of French bulldog color patterns that have Lilac in them, besides just being a solid Lilac.  Some of these include Lilac Fluffy French bulldogs, and Lilac and Tan.  Other colors could be Lilac Merle, Even Lilac covered in Cream giving us platinum.  Regardless of the shade or combination, having a Lilac Frenchie is a special something.

Fluffy French Bulldog puppy

Fluffy Frenchie

The newest and rarest and some say the cutest is the fluffy french bulldog.  “Fluffy Frenchies for sale” or Fluffy Frenchie puppies for sale are becoming common searches from soon to be puppy owners.  The way the fluffy French Bulldog gene works is that both parents must carry a copy of the L4 gene.  If each parent carries at least one copy, than the puppies will either be visually fluffy or carry at least one copy of the gene for long fur.

French bull dog coloring

frenchie breeders

From time to time, depending on the French bull dog coloring we will offer some beautiful fluffy french bulldog puppies for sale to approved homes.  Since they are so rare, our Fluffy parents cost in the neighborhood of 30-65k per dog.  This means the fluffy puppies cost will be significantly higher than even the other rare colors.  Keep in mind these are going to be amazing pups and absolutely as stunning visually as they are rare.

Fluffy Frenchie Puppies for sale – colors

Like all other Frenchies, fluffy pups come in different colors including all of the common and rare French Bulldog colors.  French bulldog genetics are fun to work with and we are able to create some of the most amazing fluffy frenchie colors you will ever see.  While they are all gorgeous, the rarer colors of fluffy frenchies will cost more than the more common.  For example, a Lilac tan Fluffy will cost more than a brindle fluffy.  At the same time, a Isabella Fluffy will cost more than a Lilac Fluff.

French Bulldog price chart

Working with top dogs featuring the best genetics and structure as well as temperament is only part of what we do.  Our in house Animal Biologist also closely monitors all pairings to ensure we are creating some of the best Black and tan Frenchie for sale anywhere.  French Bull dog coloring can determine the price point as much or more so than coat type.

Black French bulldogs for sale

black and tan Frenchie

Looking for the perfect Black French Bulldog puppies for sale? We’ve got some of the nicest solid black French bulldog puppies for sale near me!  Working with top genetics, we focus on both Structure, and Temperament once we isolate the best Black Frenchie Puppy Genes there is.  Working with top dogs is only part of what we do.  Our in house Animal Biologist also closely monitors all pairings to ensure we are creating some of the most special Black Frenchy puppy for sale you’ll find.

Black French bulldog puppies for sale

A classic and beautiful dog, the black frenchie puppy for sale, or Black French bulldog puppy for sale is stunning.  Common since the 1800’s the Black Frenchie puppies for sale are some of the most stunning in their own right.  Overlooked from time to time with new and exciting colors on the rise, we still covet the original beauty offered by the Black French Bulldog.

Solid Black French Bulldog color

No matter the color, all of our French bulldogs for sale, come with our full health guarantee.  All of our Frenchies for sale breed stock is genetic health tested 4 panel clear! No matter which French bulldog puppies for sale you purchase, all come with the same guarantee.

Isabella French Bulldog Colors

Isabella French Bulldog color

If you’re searching for the perfect new baby Isabella French Bulldog Puppy, you have come to the right place! Our Isabella Frenchies for sale are some of the nicest of all in the USA.  With a real animal biologist on site, (our owner!) we work with some of the world’s top French Bulldog Genetics.

Isabella French bulldog puppy for sale

One of the rarest and most sought after of all French Bulldog colors, owning an Isa is not cheap or easy!  Finding an Isabella french bulldog puppy for sale is both extensive in time and expensive in cost!  What color is it actually? An Isabella frenchie puppies will be tan to pewter in color but more vibrant is easiest to describe.  Some even can border on pink, and now there is even Pink Isa shades coming available.  The Isabella French bulldogs for sale are typically priced on the higher end of the pricing spectrum based on their rarity in the Frenchie color chart.  If you are interested in reserving an Isabella French bulldog puppy please make sure you fill out our contact and wait list form!

French bulldog price chart

French Bulldog price chart

Within the different colors is the French Bulldog price chart.  This shows a scale based on a number of factors starting with the color and genetic background.  They are sure beautiful and rare, but are they any different than other beautiful Frenchie colors?  That is a call only the puppies owner can make.  Below you will find a graphic that displays some of the versions of the Isabella Frenchie puppies genes that can be expressed in a variety of ways both genotypical (carrying) and phenotypical (visual).  We offer some of the best structure and genes in the world at a fair French bulldog price.  So consider quality when looking at the total French Bulldog cost.

Platinum French bulldog

Platinum French bulldog puppies for sale are also rare and gorgeous.  Even a platinum fluffy Frenchie puppy are sometimes available.  A Platinum French bulldog cost will hover in the 7000-9900.00 range as a pet, and 12-14k as a full registration, if fluffy add 20k.  Yes, the rare fluffy platinum frenchie for sale will run over 25k per pup.  The most exotic colors are going to be much more than the most common like black, fawn, white, or pied.  Be sure to check out all our pages about Frenchies for sale including all colors and coat types. Finding the right French Bulldog puppies for sale near me isn’t an easy task but you are on the right path, you’ve found us, and we’ve got some of the best bloodlines in the country.

Frenchie breeders

Designer French Bulldogs is proud to be one of the best French Bulldog Breeders offering a variety of French Bulldog Puppies of various and rare colors!  Working with top French bulldog genetics, we are proud to offer the following types of French Bulldog puppies for sale include French bulldog babies of many color combinations and coat types.

Blue and tan frenchie puppies

Blue French bulldog are some of the most popular of the newer colors.  It is crazy to remember when the blues started and how they were so rare and therefore expensive.  Blue Frenchie for sale are still popular and now we have amazing combos like the Blue Merle French bulldog also referred to as the blue merle frenchie by some enthusiasts.

blue and tan french bulldog color

Blue and Tan frenchie puppies are middle of the road in price and are still highly sought after for their amazing blue fur and tan pointed contrasts.  Like the black and tans, some are tricolor meaning they also have a white patch or fully white chest.   Last but not least is the newest and rarest of the blues, the blue Fluffy French Bulldog.  Like the solid Blue French bulldog puppies for sale, these guys have one color, or can be blue and tan as well. The main difference is of course that they are fluffy french bulldogs.

Merle French Bulldog colors

We’ve got a ton of Merle French bulldog information including variations, genetic info and more. Our Merle French bulldog for sale are some of our most popular of all of our pups.  Most people who are knew to frenchies in general are unaware of the merle french bulldog puppies colors.  Since our favorite stud to use is our own Elon Sacks, son of the famous Mr. Banks, we always have a few merle french bulldog puppies for sale, when we have litters.   Blue merle frenchie pups are rare, stunning and always unique! With the broken patterns, no 2 will ever look the exact same.

Black and Tan Frenchie colors

If you are searching for the perfect black and tan French bulldog puppies for sale, look no further! Our French bulldog puppies for sale come from some of the top genetics in the entire world. When you’re searching for the right black and tan Frenchie for sale it’s important that you focus on genetics and structure.  We also offer solid colored frenchies including pure black french bulldog puppies.

Here at designer French bulldogs we specialize in top genetics that first and foremost look at structure, temperament and DNA.  With the proper structure and correct genetics our black and tan French Bulldog puppies are some of the nicest in the world.  Sure, buying a black and tan Frenchie puppy for sale can be easy or challenging.

Platinum French Bulldog color

The platinum french bulldog is one of the cutest colors under the rainbow.  They’ve got super cute pinkish to liver colored ears and nose and a white to off white coat color.  A Platinum Frenchie can be from many types of other colors that are over-ridden by cream copies from each parent.

French bulldog price chart

rarest french bulldog colors

French Bull dog coloring rare french bulldog colors French bulldog colors French Bulldog Rare colors

french bulldog price chart French Bulldog Colors

platinum frenchie Platinum french bulldog

French Bulldog colors