Platinum French bulldog

Platinum Frenchie

One to two litters per year will have a small number of beautiful and stunning Platinum French bulldog puppies for sale.  Our Platinum Frenchie puppies for sale mostly are lilac platinum or Isabella platinum when available.  Considered rare these Frenchie puppies for sale near me are some of the coolest of the bunch.

platinum French bulldogs for sale

Platinum Frenchie puppies for sale

If you are searching for one of the most rare French bulldog colors, look no further than Platinum French bulldog puppies.  Platinum Frenchies for sale are going to be anywhere from 10-20k or more depending on type of registration (pet or breeding rights).  Owning a platinum French bulldog puppy is just like any other type besides it being a really cool color! Here is a 2 day old platinum Frenchie puppy feeding on mom here at DFB.  As experienced French bulldog breeders we offer 1 platinum on average for every litter of 3-4 pups we produce.

Check out our Amazing Stud and sire to most of our amazing litters! Mr. Elon Saks is a Blue Merle with Cherry Tan points French bulldog.  He is absolutely stunning, well mannered and one of the best structured studs carrying testable chocolate, cream and makes amazing platinum french bulldog puppies, and fluffy currently working within the USA!

Platinum French Bulldog puppy

Platinum Frenchie Puppies

One of the coolest of all are the pure white Platinum Frenchie puppies.  These pups are stunning in every aspect.  They would’ve been a color like Lilac, or Isabella, but the cream overrides that leaving them with a platinum color and skin to match whatever color they would’ve been had the cream not over-ridden the color.  There is just something about a Frenchie Puppy with white fur and blue eyes!

platinum French Bulldog

Reserve an Elon pup today and experience one of his amazing offspring!  Elon can make Blues, blues and tans, Isabella, Isabella and tan, New Shade isabella, Lilac, Lilac and tan, fluffies, creams, basically everything under the rainbow with AMAZING compact structure, big heads, with both intelligence and temperament to boot!

platinum Frenchie puppy Platinum Frenchie Platinum French Bulldog puppies platinum French Bulldog