big rope French Bulldog

Big Rope French bulldog

Looking for the next “big thing” in the Frenchie Puppies market? As French Bulldog Breeders we’re always looking at new and exciting colors, genetics, coat types and more.  Starting in 2022/2023 we have started to notice a significant following of the “big rope French Bulldog” movement including Fluffy Big Rope French Bulldog Puppies as one of the types of big rope French Bulldogs for sale.  If you are considering this type of pup you really need to consider who you are buying from.  Top breeders are very diligent in learning where all of their lines come from, and are particular about every single type of male or female within that lineage.

big rope French Bulldogs for sale

Some breeders, certainly not all but some have been breeding directly to the Sharpei to create their own big ropes.  While the bigger rope may have very well come from combining a Sharpei with a French bulldog at some point, the DNA should reflect that the dog is a Frenchie and not showing sharpei influence.  After all, these new colors, coat types, etc are all from at some point, some one combined a French Bulldog and another breed in order to add in a color, or coat type, or in this case a physical change to the rope (the roll of cute chub over the nose).

Fluffy Big Rope French Bulldog

The other and most expensive and I guess “rarest” to say is the Fluffy Big Rope French Bulldog for sale.  These guys are basically just fluffy versions of the new big ropes.  Beautiful, super unique and the most expensive, the fluffy big ropes are definitely “rare” in the dog world.

With rarer colors costing most, these are available typically in a wide range, however the newer more rare colors seem to make up MOST of the big ropes that carry or show visually the “fluffy” gene.  Fluffy pups are certainly super cute and unique that is for sure.  Our fluffs are usually selling at a price around 25% higher than our normal non fluffy babies.