Lilac Merle Frenchie

One of the most rare and beautiful of all French Bulldog colors is the lilac Merle FrenchieLilac Merle French bulldogs for sale make up an amazing group of color combinations.  Close in look to the blue Merle French Bulldog, the lilac is even more rare.  Owning a lilac merle Frenchie puppy is just as rewarding as every other color, they’re just even cooler looking than most! Frenchie puppies for sale of all colors are considered more expensive due to the cost of c sections and stud fees, and these guys are no different.

how much does a lilac Merle Frenchie cost?

Considered on the side of rare french bulldog colors, the Lilac Merle Frenchie puppy is also on the more expensive side.  From a reputable Frenchie Breeder, expect to pay anywhere from 7-15,000.00 USD for a LM.  Lilac Merle Frenchie Puppies are as gorgeous as they are rare, so expect to be stunned when you first see your new pup in person!   If you’re interested in French Bulldog Stud Service or Frenchy stud service, check out the best male in the business, Elon Sacks.

Lilac Merle Frenchie puppies for sale

From time to time we will offer some beautiful lilac merle french bulldog puppies for sale here at Designer Frenchies.  We also may offer fluffy lilac merles, and Lilac Merles that carry the Fluffy Frenchie genes.  Fluffy French Bulldog puppies for sale are also available and considered the most rare and therefore are the most expensive.  There are just so many awesome color combos available now and even newer combos coming down the road.  We are proud to work with a large variety of colors through our few dogs.  By having multi-gene dogs, our pups are always offering us a great variety.

Finding the right Lilac Frenchie puppy for sale

We hope that you find the right Frenchie puppy for sale here, if you are patient.  We always have a waiting list, often before our pups are on the ground, but we promise it is well worth it.  Our new Frenchie moms and dads can expect awesome communication, updates and plenty of pictures of their new Lilac Merle Frenchie babies.

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