French Bulldog Health Issues

Frenchies are a small breed of dog characterized by their flattened faces and loving personality. Recently, they have grown in popularity. However, like any dog breed, they are susceptible to certain health problems that can affect their quality of life. With proper care and attention, common French Bulldog health issues can be managed and French Bulldogs can live happy, healthy lives.

Breathing problems are one of the most common health issues faced by French Bulldogs. Their flat faces and short snouts cause this. Some have a difficult time breathing properly because of this. Brachycephalic obstructive airway syndrome (BOAS) is the most common condition that is caused by this. This condition can cause wheezing, snoring, and difficulty breathing. A side effect of this condition is heat intolerance which makes it difficult for their bodies to regulate their temperature. 

Because of the large size of their eyes, they are at risk of developing some types of eye problems. Cherry eye is the most common and it is when the third eyelid gland becomes displaced and visible. Dry eye and corneal ulcers may occur too which causes the dog discomfort.

Skin problems can occur also. Because of their tiny build, some Frenchies develop dermatitis in between their skin folds. Hot spots are another skin issue. They are red, moist itchy areas.

As with any dog breed, French Bulldogs should be brought in for vet check-ups regularly. At these check-ups, they should get their annual vaccinations, and heartworm, flea, and tick prevention. The vet should also check their skin, ears, and eyes at these appointments.

A nutritious diet and proper exercise are the most important ways to maintain the health of your French Bulldog puppy. Their diet should adjust and change as they grow but should remain high-quality. Their diet can be adjusted to their activity level as well. Give your Frenchie as much play time as possible, but make sure they are watched in hot weather to prevent overheating.

Allergies are also a common issue for Frenchies. Much like humans, they are prone to allergies to dust, food, and pollen. Itching, skin irritation, and scratching are indicators they are suffering an allergy. Medication and eliminating allergens from the home can treat these allergies. 

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