Blue Merle French Bulldog

One of the more interesting variations of a Merle French Bulldog puppy for sale is the blue Merle French bulldog for sale.  A blue merle Frenchie for sale will have the same broken pattern as any other variant of Merle Frenchie.  The shaded color will in this case be blue.  So it would be blue over white, as opposed to black, lilac, tan, brown, etc.  Our most famous french bulldog stud, Mr. Elon Saks son of the #1 fluffy french bulldog in the USA, and perhaps the world Mr. Banks. Elon is a Blue Merle with orange tan points, carrying testable chocolate and Fluffy, to also make Isabella, and fluffy Frenchies.

blue merle french bulldog

His pups can be basically any color under the rainbow depending on the female he is paired with.  Merle French Bulldog puppies for sale are available from at least 3 of our 6 total litters of the year!  Blue merle French bulldogs are probably one of the most stunningly unique looking Frenchies.

Blue Merle Frenchie

These little nuggets are quite easy to recognize, having a light base coat with darker patches of their inherent color (usually blue, lilac, Isabella or black) around their body.  Did you know that Merle Frenchies often have light to ice blue eyes? So if you are looking for a pup with green or blue eyes, choose a Merle!  Usually we have a few Merle pups in every litter!

blue merle french bulldog

Blue Merle Frenchie

Check out our Amazing Stud and sire to most of our amazing litters! Mr. Elon Saks is a Blue Merle Frenchie with Cherry Tan points.  He is absolutely stunning, well mannered and one of the best structured studs carrying testable chocolate, cream, and fluffy currently working within the USA!

Reserve an Elon pup today and experience one of his amazing offspring!  Elon can make Blues, blues and tans, Isabella, Isabella and tan, New Shade isabella, Lilac, Lilac and tan, fluffies, creams, basically everything under the rainbow with AMAZING compact structure, big heads, with both intelligence and temperament to boot!

french bulldog merle for sale

Blue Merle French Bulldog puppies are rare and quite expensive.  On Average, a quality blue merle frenchie puppy will be on the more expensive side of average colors as a pet, and more if you are looking for full AKC registration for breeding your Frenchie.   Lastly, with french bulldog genetics, there are a wide number of french bulldog colors available to consider!

merle French bulldog puppies for sale

If you’re interested in French Bulldog Stud Service or Frenchy stud service, check out the best male in the business, Elon Sacks.  Also called french bulldog merle for sale these are some of the more exotic colored frenchies.  Our puppies that are sired by Elon are short, thick, compact, great heads, and are just perfect.

Merle Frenchie

Some of the coolest of all types of Frenchy Puppies is the famous Merle Frenchie for sale.  With a broken pattern, no two Merle Frenchie for sale look alike!  These are the most unique of all colors and coat types.  Some of them are even available as fluffy Frenchie as well.   These are certainly also some of the most unique as no two patterns are alike!

blue merle frenchie

blue Merle French bulldog

Finding the perfect blue Merle French Bulldog puppy for sale can be quite challenging.  French Bulldog puppies for sale are readily available through internet websites, most using puppy mills and Amish puppy mills.  Please be sure to steer clear of any puppy mills for any dog purchase of any french bulldog merle for sale.

merle frenchie

Merle French bulldogs for sale

A quality blue merle French bulldog puppy is hard to come by and cost a pretty penny.  You are looking for both structure and genetics.  Couple that with personality/temperament of the parents and you have the potential for a great pup.  Other colors that are popular are the lilac merle french bulldogLilac Merle Frenchie puppies are also super cute, just a little bit lighter in color than the blues.

blue merle frenchie puppy

Blue Merle Frenchie

We’ve got a ton of Merle French bulldog information including variations, genetic info and more. Our Merle French bulldog for sale are some of our most popular of all of our pups.  Most people who are knew to frenchies in general are unaware of the merle french bulldog puppies colors.  Since our favorite stud to use is our own Elon Sacks, son of the famous Mr. Banks, we always have a few merle french bulldog puppies for sale, when we have litters.   Blue merle frenchie pups are rare, stunning and always unique! With the broken patterns, no 2 will ever look the exact same.

merle frenchie

French Bulldog Merle for sale

Other colors include the blue and tan frenchie, which is equally stunning with tan points and a solid blue french bulldog.  We do not work with brindle or pied dogs so you have no risk of having a pied or brindle broken base color.  Blue Frenchie puppies are super cute and were once rare and the most expensive but now are a bit more common.  There were times when many people were on the waiting list for blue frenchie puppies for sale.

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