Blue Fluffy French Bulldog

The newest and rarest and some say the cutest is the blue fluffy french bulldog.  “Fluffy Frenchies for sale” or Fluffy Frenchie puppies for sale are becoming common searches from soon to be puppy owners.  The way the blue fluffy French Bulldog gene works is that both parents must carry a copy of the L4 gene.  If each parent carries at least one copy, then the puppies will either be visually fluffy or carry at least one copy of the gene for long fur.

Blue Fluffy French Bulldog puppies for sale

From time to time, we will offer some beautiful fluffy french bulldog puppies for sale to approved homes.  Since they are so rare, our Fluffy parents cost in the neighborhood of 30-65k per dog.  This means the fluffy puppies cost will be significantly higher than even the other rare colors.  Keep in mind these are going to be amazing pups and absolutely as stunning visually as they are rare.

Blue Fluffy Frenchie Puppes for sale – colors

Like all other Frenchies, fluffers come in different colors including all of the common and rare French Bulldog colorsFrench bulldog genetics are fun to work with and we are able to create some of the most amazing blue fluffy frenchie colors you will ever see.  While they are all gorgeous, the rarer colors of blue fluffy frenchies will cost more than the more common.  For example, a Lilac tan Fluffy will cost more than a brindle fluffy.  At the same time, a Isabella Fluffy will cost more than a Lilac Fluff or a blue fluffy Frenchie for sale.

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Check out our Amazing Stud and sire to most of our amazing litters! Mr. Elon Saks is a Blue Merle with Cherry Tan points French bulldog.  He is absolutely stunning, well mannered and one of the best structured studs carrying testable chocolate, cream, and fluffy currently working within the USA!

Reserve an Elon pup today and experience one of his amazing offspring!  Elon can make Blues, blues and tans, Isabella, Isabella and tan, New Shade isabella, Lilac, Lilac and tan, fluffies, creams, basically everything under the rainbow with AMAZING compact structure, big heads, with both intelligence and temperament to boot!

blue fluffy frenchie blue fluffy french bulldog

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Fluffy French Bulldog