Terms and conditions

Price of French Bulldog: TBD based on selection

Color: TBD based on selection

Deposits:  Deposits of $1000.00 are taken to reserve a puppy.  Deposits are non-refundable as you are reserving a spot in line for a puppy.

Registration: Puppy purchased will be sold with Pet AKC Registration unless otherwise discussed and Full Registration is provided.

1. Health/Vet: The seller guarantees that the puppy purchased will be in good health and has already been examined by Sellers Veterinarian.  Puppy will also has completed deworming protocol. The seller guarantees that the puppy purchased has been examined by a licensed veterinarian and given a clean bill of health prior to its departure.

2. Buyer’s Vet Responsibility: Buyer agrees to pay for a licensed veterinarian to examine the puppy within 7 days after taking possession of the puppy. The buyer agrees to forward the written veterinary health certificate to the seller. The buyer agrees to assume any financial responsibility for this examination, veterinary expenses, and/ or medication. The terms and conditions of this contract are not effective until the seller has acknowledge receiving the health certificate.

3. Health Warranty: The warranty period for this puppy is one year from date of purchase

  1. This warranty covers fatal and life altering congenital diseases. This includes the following: hip dysplasia, kidney, heart, pancreas, spine and liver problems that are severe life threatening. If the puppy dies within this contracts effective period then the buyer agrees to assume financial responsibility to obtain an autopsy on the puppy to determine the cause of death. Buyer agrees to forward the written autopsy report to the seller. If the cause of death is found to be any affliction listed above then the seller agrees to replace the puppy with another puppy that is similar to the one that was purchased. Unless characteristics are unavailable to the seller or otherwise specified by the buyer. The buyer agrees that there is no refund of any kind (full or partial). The puppy needs to exhibit the congenital defect within the effective period of this contract. The buyer agrees to notify the seller of the problem as well as veterinary reports by two unassociated licensed veterinarians stating the affliction within two business days of the problems discovery.

4. Health Conditions: This guarantee does not apply to the afflictions that are considered to be common in the bulldog breeds. These include, but not limited to: cherry eye, entropion, “loose” hips, skin allergies, hernias, elongated soft palate, and collapsed nostrils. Any kind of parasites, bacteria/viruses, giardia and illnesses which could be associated with the afflictions listed above (section 6) or environmental factors will not be covered by this guarantee. Including allergies, dysfunction, demodectic mange, and other autoimmune disorders. The seller does not assume responsibility for any medical expenses incurred associated with any health problems. This guarantee does not apply to any physical problems which could the result of an injury. This guarantee does not apply to the presence of blindness, deafness, or any kind of hearing problems.

5. Puppy Care: The buyer agrees to provide the puppy with routine preventive care and follow a veterinarians guideline for vaccination and deworming. The buyer agrees to keep the puppy away from the following: Public places, dog parks, public grass, pet stores, vet floors (should hold puppy in a blanket from home at the vet), and etc until the puppy is fully vaccinated and at least 16 weeks of age. The buyer agrees to keep the puppy away from lakes, oceans,

rivers, and pools if not supervised to prevent the puppy from drowning or any danger. The

buyer agrees to provide adequate fresh water, clean environment, quality food, and a proper place of rest for the puppy. The buyer assumes responsibility for protecting the puppy from injuries, loss, theft, danger, neglect, and abuse. Buyer also understands risk of taking dogs of this value to “dog parks” and will use caution when doing so.

6. Return Policy: Any puppy is eligible for replacement, pursuant to section 5 of this contract must be returned or euthanized with prior permission from the seller to qualify for replacement. The returned puppy must appear in good condition to the seller, other than the specified problem. A puppy will not be eligible for replacement if it has been or appears to have been neglected, abused, bred, or euthanized without prior permission from the seller. The buyer agrees to assume financial responsibility for all transportation costs incurred for transporting the returned puppy to the seller.

7. Dispute: This is the entire purchase contract; no other promise or stipulations are included or implied in this sale. In any and all legal action pertaining to this dog, this contract shall be considered to be legally binding. In the event of any dispute or disagreement under this contract, the laws of NJ and or Fl at Sellers discretion will govern the resolution of the dispute and the venue for resolution of any dispute. To the extent that any provision of this contract may be invalid under any law of the state of the buyer, all remaining provisions remain binding.