French bulldog puppies for sale

Designer French Bulldogs is a family run French Bulldog Breeder working with top AKC bloodlines.  All of our pups are raised in our home, under foot around our 5 children.  They are exposed to other dogs, cats, reptiles, and most importantly kids of all ages.  Here at Designer French Bull dogs, all of our Frenchies are built with amazing structure.  They’re short, compact, solid, and just amazing.  Check out our available Frenchie puppies!

French Bull dog for sale

Looking for your new best friend?  A Frenchie could be the best choice for you! We work with some of the best French Bulldog Genetics 🧬 in the world.  Our sires and dams are producing some of the most beautiful and rare French bulldog puppies for sale.  All of our Sires and Dams are 4 panel health clear and have had both genetic health screening as well as color testing.  If you are searching for the best breeders for your next best friend, make sure they are raised in their home, not from a puppy mill or Amish puppy farm.  Remember the saying, you get what you pay for.

Frenchie Puppies near me

Our French Bulldog puppies are stunning in conformation for structure and size.   There is such variation these days in the quality and structure of the dog itself can look many different ways.  Being Frenchie breeders, we see some French bulldogs that look more like Boston Terriers, long legged, skinny bone structure, projected snouts, little to no wrinkles etc. When you purchase from us, you are purchasing what we believe a Frenchie should be in genetics, looks, health and temperament.

French bulldog on sale

Whether you are looking for structure, temperament, health, color or rare coat types, we’ve got the best of the best under one roof.  Having a puppy that is raised underfoot by our family, with our kids, including a toddler sets your next best friend up for behavioral success.  All of our adult male and females carry the short back and shorter leg genes and have all tested 4 panel health clear.  You will not receive a giraffe from DFB!  Remember cheap is expensive.  If you’re only looking for a French bulldog on sale, saving a few bucks to sacrifice quality is never a good outcome.

Frenchie puppy for sale

When you purchase a frenchie puppy for sale from us, expect nothing but the best.  Our focus starts with temperament, compact size and proper structure as well as rare colors and combinations.  For peace of mind, every French Bulldog puppy for sale from Designer Frenchies comes with a AKC papers, a full health guarantee against any genetic conditions as well as up to date vaccinations with vet record.

French Bulldog breeders near me

Training your pup starts here with the Frenchie Breeders.  We start to train our puppies to use puppy pads at age 4-5 weeks old.  That means by the time they get to their new forever homes they’ve already been getting used to going to the bathroom outside of the play area and nursing areas.  By doing this it sets your new pup up for housebreaking success.  Believe it or not, this is a huge benefit for their forever owners.  Our new puppy owners are constantly telling us how easy their pup was to house break, which is not a “common trait” for Frenchies.

Finding the right French Bulldog Puppies

Be very careful of “French bulldog puppy for sale websites” that allow breeders to list countless dogs with no information regarding parents/genetics/health.  As sad as it sounds, these dogs are typically raised in cages from puppy mills and allowed to relieve themselves right in their own cage which typically has a wire bottom, and a tray underneath to catch feces.  Because these pups are not setup for success and are a nightmare to housebreak if they ever are even housebroken!  When you see a puppy available for under 5k, don’t walk, run.  Chances are you are going to spend triple that on vet bills and probably will not have the same experience as if you had owned a healthy pup.

frenchie puppy

Frenchie Puppies are due!

Elon and Luna Pups are almost here! Elon Saks is one of the top male French Bulldogs in the country. Elon is a blue and tan merle, carrying nearly every color as well as Fluffy. His next litter of pups with Luna our Lilac girl are due in just a couple of weeks! We will have blues, blues and tans, blue merles, lilac, lilac merle, fluffies, isabella, new shade isabella and more.  These pups are going to be absolutely stunning just like Elon!

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We accept Zelle, Credit Card Payments as well as Cash App and other payment options.  Pups are paid in full before being picked up, or leaving on a flight with a Nanny to their furever destination.

Health Guaranteed

All Designer French Bulldogs come with our 1 year health and genetic condition guarantee.

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