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Home of the best French Bulldogs for sale in the United States.  Designer French Bulldogs has a full time “puppy nanny” that can fly your pup anywhere in the USA the day he or she is ready to go home! You do not have to sacrifice health and quality with a local hobby breeder.  Our program is focused on producing compact, short, thick muscle and proper bone Frenchies.  Our puppies are compact and dense :)

We breed for what we believe is the best possible Frenchie puppy.  DFB pups have larger heads, shorter thick legs, compact yet solid bodies with shorter backs, symmetrical ropes (the fold over the nose), proper ears and super cute flat profiles. Our pups are either picked up by you, or sent to your local airport with our professional puppy nanny service.  Buying local versus buying the best quality is definitely an important decision when selecting a Frenchie for sale.

Frenchie Breeders

Designer French Bulldogs is a family run French Bulldog Breeder working with top AKC bloodlines.  All of our Frenchies for sale are raised in our home, under foot around our 5 children.  They are exposed to other dogs, cats, reptiles, and most importantly kids of all ages.  We’ve got 2 litters due next month and are currently taking reservations.  Please call or text Brian and Jen to skip the inbox! 609-827-2645

Frenchies for sale

Here at Designer Frenchies, all of our Frenchies for sale are built with amazing structure.  Our Frenchies are short, compact, solid, come in all of the rarest colors and coat types.  Looking for the perfect new family member? Check out our available Frenchie puppies!

French Bulldog for sale

Looking for your new best friend?  A Frenchie could be the best choice for you! We work with some of the best French Bulldog Genetics 🧬 in the world.  Our sires and dams are producing some of the most beautiful and rare French bulldog puppies for sale.  All of our Sires and Dams are 4 panel health clear and have had both genetic health screening as well as color testing.  If you are searching for the best breeders for your next best friend, make sure they are raised in their home, not from a puppy mill or Amish puppy farm.  Remember the saying, you get what you pay for.

Frenchies for sale

Frenchie Puppies near me

Designer French Bulldog puppies are stunning in conformation for structure and size.   There is such variation these days in the quality and structure of the dog itself can look many different ways.  Being Frenchie breeders, we see some French bulldogs that look more like Boston Terriers, long legged, skinny bone structure, projected snouts, little to no wrinkles etc.

French Bulldog breeders near me

When you purchase from us, you are purchasing what we believe Frenchies for sale should be in genetics, looks, health and temperament.  If you are searching only for Frenchie breeders near me, you are going to restrict yourself to quite a bit of high quality programs.  Keep in mind that most higher level Frenchie Breeders near me can send their pups with nannies direct to you.

French bulldog on sale

Whether you are looking for structure, temperament, health, color or rare coat types, we’ve got the best of the best under one roof.  Having a puppy that is raised underfoot by our family, with our kids, including a toddler sets your next best friend up for behavioral success.  Did you know that all of our adult male and females carry the short back and shorter leg genes and have all tested 4 panel health clear?  You will not receive a giraffe from DFB!  Remember cheap is expensive.  If you’re only looking for a French bulldog on sale, saving a few bucks to sacrifice quality is never a good outcome.

Frenchie puppy for sale

When you purchase a frenchie puppy for sale from us, expect nothing but the best.  Our focus starts with temperament, compact size and proper structure as well as rare colors and combinations.  For peace of mind, every French Bulldog puppy for sale from Designer Frenchies comes with a AKC papers, a full health guarantee against any genetic conditions as well as up to date vaccinations with vet record.

French Bulldog breeders near me

Training your pup starts here with the Frenchie Breeders.  We start to train our puppies to use puppy pads at age 4-5 weeks old.  That means by the time they get to their new forever homes they’ve already been getting used to going to the bathroom outside of the play area and nursing areas.  By doing this it sets your new pup up for housebreaking success.  Believe it or not, this is a huge benefit for their forever owners.  Our new puppy owners are constantly telling us how easy their pup was to house break, which is not a “common trait” for Frenchies.

Frenchies for sale near me

There is no such thing as a bargain basement Frenchie.  Be very careful of “French bulldog puppy for sale websites” that allow breeders to list countless dogs with no information regarding parents/genetics/health.  As sad as it sounds, these dogs are typically raised in cages from puppy mills and allowed to relieve themselves right in their own cage which typically has a wire bottom, and a tray underneath to catch feces.  Because these pups are not setup for success and are a nightmare to housebreak if they ever are even housebroken!  Finding good quality Frenchies for sale is not easy, or cheap.

Why are quality frenchie puppies near me so pricey?

There are a few factors including the cost of the parents, usually in our case 25-55k per dog.  Secondly, the cost of the c section, reproductive veterinary care including progesterone tests before breeding, and before birth of the puppies.  Third would probably be the cost of the equipment, incubators, oxygen concentrators, whelping boxes.  Last but not least is our supplements, goats milk and vitamin regiment for both mom, dad and pups.  Creating high level Frenchies for sale takes finance, time, experience and passion.

How Much are French Bulldog puppies?

If you are searching for Frenchie prices, look no further.  Pricing starts at 6k and all depends on the color and coat type.  Typically females are a bit more expensive than males.  As a rule of thumb, the most common colors are the best Frenchie Prices.  For example black and tan is probably the cheapest.  Next would be Blue, Than blue and Tan, then blue merle.

Rare French Bulldog colors

If you are looking for the most unique pup around consider some of the rare French Bulldog colors.  These include Isabella, Isabella tan, new shade Isabella to name a few.  All of those of course are also available as Merle.  So you can also have an Isabella Merle Puppy for example.  In order of Rare to common usually we consider it: New Shade Isabella, Isabella, Lilac, Blue, etc.

Frenchie breeders near me

When you see a puppy available for under 5k, don’t walk, run.  Chances are you are going to spend triple that on vet bills and probably will not have the same experience as if you had owned a healthy pup.  Frenchie breeders near me will be able to send your pup with a nanny direct to your airport or even your doorstep.

Not only will a cheap hobby bred Frenchie for sale not look the same, do not expect it to remain in good health, either.  One simple “cherry eye” surgery and you are out 2-4k.  All of a sudden that “bargain puppy” was more expensive than the top quality pup you almost purchased.  Cheap is expensive in the Frenchie world.

Mini French Bulldogs for sale

Nowadays hobby breeders and puppy mills produce dogs that do not look anything like the Frenchie standard, and are tall, long, and with tail.  These dogs end up looking nothing like the “stereotypical” French bulldog once full grown.  Because of that, there is now French Bulldog breeders who refer to their puppies as “Mini French Bulldog for sale” or “Mini Frenchie for sale” when the reality they are just the correct size and proportions.

Mini Frenchie for sale

If someone tells you they are selling you mini French Bulldog puppies or “tea cup frenchies for sale” understand they are trying to sell you the breed standard as a special version of the Frenchie.  All of our dogs will be short backed, short legged with no tail.

French Bulldogs for sale

Why are Frenchies so pricey when compared to other breeds.  Well, there are a few variables that add up to why they are considered expensive.  On average, the French Bulldog for sale cost to produce one quality litter involves the cost of the parents.  This can be anywhere from 10-100k PER DOG.  Veterinary bills add up to over 10k per litter at times and on average will cost at least 3-5k.  French Bulldog breeders near me cover the cost of the Artificial Insemination, the many vet visits/progesterone/health checks for your female, and lastly the C section.  This is all before any costs associated with pups is even included.  But there is no way to quantify the perfect Frenchie puppies for sale and that is a fact!

Frenchie Puppy Colors

Depending on what color you are looking for will dictate the cost of your pup.  We offer our pups with limited as well as FULL AKC with breeding rights to the right families.  Colors normally available include: Blue, Lilac, Isabella, Black and Tan, Blue and Tan, Lilac and Tan and the famous and super cute Merle French Bulldog.

French Bulldogs for sale

Frenchie Prices

Pricing normally depends on the color and coat type.  Our pups start around 6500 ad up with most being sold as pets.  For Full AKC registration for breeders there is an additional fee.  We’ve got a variety of Merles as well including Lilac Merle Frenchie, Fluffy Frenchie Puppy, Blue Merle and more.  Most of the time when people call or email looking for a blue, then end up wanting a blue Merle or Lilac.  Remember, a Blue French Bulldog is going to be a little darker in color than Lilac and that pups typically darken up a tad as they get older.  Because pups are born we often cannot tell the blues from the lilacs apart for some time.  For this reason, getting the pups DNA tested is important for those that are the best Frenchie breeders.

Frenchie Puppy
Frenchies for sale
Frenchie Puppies
Frenchie Puppies for sale
Frenchie Breeders near me
Frenchie Puppy
French Bulldog breeders near me
French bulldogs for sale
French bulldog for sale near me
Frenchies for sale near me
Frenchie breeders near me
Big Rope Frenchie

Rare French Bulldog colors

With colors abundant, we are sure to offer the best quality French bulldog puppy for sale options anywhere. Choose from rare colors like Isabella Merle, or even Isabella Merle Fluffy Frenchies for sale.  Looking for something more common? We’ve got those too.  Because some of our Frenchie puppies for sale are available in standard colors like Lilac, Blue, Black and tan and more.

The best Frenchie Puppies for sale

Our designer Frenchie puppies are typically available throughout the year and sold by our waiting list.  Also, when we have consecutive litters there is a chance we have pups that are available within a few weeks it just depends on the time of the year.  Therefore, if you’re wanting one of the best quality Frenchie puppies for sale anywhere in the USA, joining our wait list is highly recommended.  Some people wonder how long it takes to buy a French Bulldog puppy for sale after joining our waiting list and it is normally 2-3 months from the time you join our puppy waiting list.  Lastly, by placing a deposit, you can guarantee yourself a French bulldog for sale from the next litter.

Frenchie for sale

Finding the right Frenchie for sale is not easy.  Sure, it may seem easy but the internet nowadays is filled with scams! Amish puppy mill born Frenchie for sale and tons of low quality back yard Frenchie Breeders.  Think about the next 10-14 years.  Don’t be fooled…if you are purchasing a “deal of a pup” and the cost is anything below 5-6k, do not expect a fun experience or healthy pup or dog in the long run.  For this reason it’s common fact that the Best Frenchie breeders near me spare no expense for the quality of their breed stock.  And with that, the health and confirmation to breed standard of the puppies born.

Frenchie Puppies for sale

Sure, everyone is super excited when they’ve decided to search for a new Frenchie puppy for sale, but exercising caution to finding the right breeder is key.  More often than not, breeders take deposits within the last 2 weeks before the litter is born.  Secondly, once the pups are here they sell extremely fast.

Though you probably want your new Frenchie puppy in arms today, waiting a few weeks to ensure you get the right new family member could ensure you get the pup you deserve. These days you can a find low quality puppy mill Frenchie puppy for sale online thats available, and cheap.  It may not actually look like a quality french bull dog puppy but it will be available now.  Last but not lease, impulse buys with pups are probably some of the worst decisions one can make, so be patient and find the right dog!  Not all Frenchies for sale are alike, and it is not close.

Frenchies for sale
French Bulldogs for sale
Frenchies for sale
Fluffy Frenchies for sale
Fluffy Frenchie price
French bulldog breeders near me
Fluffy Frenchies for sale
French bulldog on sale
French bulldog breeder

Rare French Bulldog colors

Frenchies come in so many different colors, color combinations and coat types! Below we will explain some of the colors offered by us here and some of the more common colors which we rarely have.  Breeding for the newest and most exciting colors is something that consistently keeps us engaged in the future of Frenchie Breeders.

Blue French bulldog for sale

Our blue designer Frenchie puppies are typically available throughout the year and sold by our waiting list.  Also, when we have consecutive litters there is a chance we have pups that are available within a few weeks it just depends on the time of the year.  Therefore, if you’re wanting one of the best quality Blue Frenchie puppies for sale you’ve found the right breeder.  Some people wonder how long it takes to buy a blue French Bulldog after joining our waiting list and it is normally 2-3 months from the time you join our puppy waiting list.  Lastly, by placing a deposit, you can guarantee yourself a blue pup from the next litter!

Lilac Frenchie

From the moment they are born Lilacs and blues look nearly identical.  As the get older, the lilac shade is lighter in color and visually reflects light noticeably more than blue which is darker.  When you have blue merles or lilac merles, the lilacs are always a few shades lighter in color overall.

Isabella Frenchie Puppy

Sure, everyone is super excited when they’ve decided to search for a new Isabella French bulldog but exercising caution to finding the right breeder is key.  Isabella is a liver color that can also be found as “new shade Isabella” which is even more exotic and lighter in tint.  More often than not, since the Isabella color is so rare, Frenchie breeders take pup deposits within the last 2 weeks before the litter is born.  Secondly, once the pups are here they sell extremely fast and even faster if the color is rare.

Fluffy French Bulldog Puppies

Finding a fluffy frenchie for sale can be even harder because they are the rarest of the breed.  Fluffy French bulldog puppies are typically sold for 3-5000.00 more than regular colors.  The fluffy coat type is a long-haired frenchie so to speak.  These furry or long-haired french bulldogs are really cute and cuddly.  How cute is a fluffy? Well, first of all, how cute is a Frenchie? Now make it furry!

fluffy Frenchie for sale

Merle Frenchies

Looking for something so unique that there is NO two of a kind on earth? Consider the Merle patterned frenchy!  A Merle French bulldog for sale or merle frenchie puppies are some of the cutest and coolest looking of all the dogs on earth! Depending on the color of the coat of the pup to begin with there are so many varieties of Merle French bulldogs, like the blue merle and lilac merle.

Big Rope Frenchies

The next big thing?  Big Rope Frenchies, also known as Big Rope French Bulldogs for sale are becoming quite popular as of late.  Do we offer big rope French Bulldog for sale? It depends on your definition of the big rope itself.  We are working with big rope females that have been bred to be super compact with proper structure. From time to time we may have a big rope Frenchie puppy for sale but normally they would be sold ahead of time with an early reservation.   The best way to get the color and coat type that you want is to make a deposit so that you have a place in line for the next available pup that fits your need list!

frenchies for sale near me

Our Frenchies for sale Fly!

We fly our Frenchie Puppies anywhere in the USA.

Finance your Frenchie Puppy

We accept Zelle, Credit Card Payments as well as Cash App and other payment options.  Pups are paid in full before being picked up, or leaving on a flight with a Nanny to their furever destination.

French Bulldog puppies - Health Guaranteed

All Designer French Bulldog puppies come with a full health and genetic condition guarantee.  Our parents and grandparents are all 4 Panel DNA health clear.