Frenchies for sale Tampa

Searching for the best Frenchie puppies Tampa?  Once you’ve found the right French bulldog breeder Tampa you must consider your budget which will determine what color Frenchie you will purchase.  Normally we consider our customers’ budget as very important as it will limit, or provide no limit to the rare Frenchie colors you can choose from.  The more rare the frenchie, the more expensive the parents costs, which then determines puppy cost. Next, consider Fluffy French bulldog puppies or standard short coat length.  Fluffy Frenchies for sale are beautiful and rare, but also more expensive because of their rareness.

Frenchies for sale Tampa

Frenchie puppies for sale Tampa

Frenchie Puppies for sale Tampa

If you are searching for some of the world’s best Frenchie puppies for sale Tampa you’ve come to the right place!  Most importantly, 100% of our Frenchie puppies for sale are born from top quality parents featuring top DNA, Structure, and Temperament.

Frenchie for sale Tampa

frenchie for sale Tampa

Here at DFB, our program’s primary focus regarding French bulldog babies for sale is simple. If you are looking for Frenchies for sale Tampa, you have found the best program perhaps in all of the USA.  Last but not least, we firmly believe that quality over quantity is key.  We strive to produce ONLY french bulldog puppies that exhibit the breed standard in a way that improves it with each generation.

  1. Amazing Structure
  2. Health with 4 panel DNA clear
  3. TOP French Bulldog Genetics
  4. Temperament
  5. Amazing and Rare French bulldog colors

Tampa Frenchies for sale

Tampa Frenchies for sale

Searching for the perfect pup is not limited to your local area if the Frenchie Breeder uses a nanny to transport/fly their pups.   Here at Designer French Bulldogs, we work with various “puppy nanny services” to fly our beautiful French Bulldog babies anywhere in the USA.  As you probably assumed, some of the nicer and more rare colors of frenchies for sale near me will require a deposit to be placed on our waiting list.  When placing a deposit to be on our waiting list, you are buying a spot in line for the next available Tampa Frenchies for sale.

French bulldogs for sale Tampa

French Bulldogs for sale Tampa

Some of the most rare colors are not just colors but combinations and that meshed with longer coat colors.  These are called “Fluffy french bulldogs“. In order, rarest colors would be the new pinks, husky pattern/color, Platinum, Isabella, New Shade Isabella, Lilac, Blue, Chocolate, and within those are tan points, masks, maskless, mixes of brindle and even pied.  Lastly, but also most rare is long haired French bulldog pups, called fluffy Frenchie puppies.  We offer some of the best structure and genes in the world at a fair French bulldog price.  So consider quality when looking at the total French Bulldog cost.

Be sure to check out all our pages about Frenchies including all the different French Bulldog Colors including rare French bulldog colors.

French Bulldog puppies Tampa

French Bulldog puppies Tampa

Like all other Frenchies, fluffers come in different colors including all of the common and rare French Bulldog colors.  French bulldog genetics are fun to work with and we are able to create some of the most amazing fluffy frenchie colors you will ever see.  While they are all gorgeous, the rarer colors of fluffy frenchies will cost more than the more common.  For example, a Lilac tan Fluffy will cost more than a brindle fluffy.  At the same time, a Isabella Fluffy will cost more than a Lilac Fluff.

Working with top French bulldog genetics, we are proud to offer the following types of French Bulldog puppies for sale include:

French bulldog babies are available throughout the year and ready to go home at 8 weeks or older.  From time to time we will hold back a dog and offer them slightly older to decide if they should be part of our program or we already have a dog with the same genetics etc. Understanding the different colors and how they effect availbility, rarity and pricing is important when deciding which type of frenchie is right for you.

French Bulldogs for sale Tampa

The merle French bulldog can come in many colors and coat types.  Most popular are the blue Merle french bulldog, as well as the lilac merle frenchie.  Blue merles will be different in look than the solid blue French bulldog. Both are close in color and look with the Lilac being lighter in color.  Merle French bulldog puppies are adorable and super unique as no two are every alike!

Here at Designer French Bulldogs nearly every single litter we have has at least 1 or 2 Merle French bulldog puppies for sale.  Pricing will depend on which color you choose and if they are fluffy, a fluffy carrier or no fluffy.  Lastly, the merle french bulldog price will depend on that above information.

If you want unique than consider the merle french bulldogs for sale that are amazing in our available pup section!  Another popular color that has merle is the Lilac Merle French Bulldog also known as the Lilac Merle Frenchie.  These are basically lilac Frenchie pups that have the merle gene which gives them a broken pattern which is breathtaking and unique!  Lilac Frenchie puppies are still considered rare, where as blue are now more common amongst Frenchie breeders.


If you want rare, than the Isabella French Bulldog is right for you.  There are two shades including the normal Isabella french bulldog puppies and the New shade isabella Frenchie.  Our Bella is a new shade with tan points and is absolutely stunning.  She comes from dezigner bullz lines from the UK.  Isabella french bullies carry one copy of the Cocoa gene which is also necessary for producing  the Chocolate French Bulldog puppies.

Black and tan Frenchie puppies

At one time the most popular but now probably the most common is the black and tan French bulldog.  Black and tan frenchie pups are stunning in their own right and at one time were very sought after.  Now among the most common they are in the medium to low price range, unless they carry other colors and are visual or a carrier of the fluffy gene.  All of this is only important to the buyer if they are a Frenchie breeder of course!  Finding black and tan french bulldog puppies is not difficult but finding quality always is.  There are a dime a dozen puppy mill websites selling low quality pups year round.  Basically these are Black Frenchie pups that have tan points, and sometimes also white chests, thereby known as Tri-colors.

Finding the perfect blue french bulldog for sale, also known as a blue frenchie puppy for sale can be time consuming.  There is so many to choose from and finding the right breeder offering correct structure and health guarantees can be tough.  Here at DFB we work with the absolute top lines in the country.  With a real animal biologist on site (company owner) we work with some of the best genetics in the Frenchie world.


Frenchies for sale can be found in all shapes, sizes and colors.  When choosing a blue french bulldog puppy for sale, you will need to do your homework, and not rush.  There are so many back yard breeders that have taken to selling on social media.  We highly recommend that you do not consider buying a dog from a “facebook or craigslist” post.  Buying the right blue frenchie puppy for sale is key to enjoying what the breed standard is supposed to be.  When you buy a puppy from us, you not only receive a health guarantee, you also receive years of support and decades of genetic work all in one blue frenchie puppy.

French bulldog puppies for sale Tampa French bulldog puppies Tampa

Frenchies for sale Tampa

Frenchie puppy for sale Tampa

Frenchie Puppies Tampa Frenchie for sale Tampa