Rojo French Bulldog puppies

Rojo Merle Frenchie

A New and Exciting Red Chocolate color has taken the Frenchie world by storm! that is just beautiful within the Frenchie Breed is the Rojo French Bulldog for sale.  Chocolate is also part of the new Isabella program and is responsible now for some beautiful new colors.  These new colors, also known as new shade, or new shades are based on carrying either 1 or 2 copies of the Chocolate gene allele.  If you looking for one of the most exotic Frenchies for sale, consider Rojo.

Rojo French Bulldog puppies for sale

We do work with some Rojo Frenchie females or testable chocolate within our program, usually for purpose of producing Isabella.  If you are searching for a Rojo  french bulldog puppy for sale, check our available waiting list spots for Chocolate.  Most of our French Bulldog Puppies for sale can be found on our website.  Check out all of our Available Rojo Frenchie Puppies here.

Rojo Frenchie puppies for sale

Rojo Frenchie Puppies for sale

Rojo Frenchies for sale

While not always available, we do work with Rojo carrying females and have beautiful chocolate pups from time to time.  The shade of red chocolate being a red chocolate color rather than dark more often than not. From time to time we have brown shade and brown shade tan babies available as well.  The Rojo color gene, which is red chocolate to the eye, offers quiet a variety of differently shaded French bulldog puppies for sale.  If you are interested in further exploring French bulldog genetics or French bulldog colors for rare French bulldog colors, feel free to check out the pages we have put together for educational purposes.