Fluffy French Bulldog Stud

Thank you for your interest in our Fluffy French Bulldog Stud Service.  We work with some of the top frenchies in the game, and our male is what we believe every frenchie stud should be.  Introducing Mr. Elon Saks, son of the Famous #1 Fluffy Frenchie in the USA, Mr. Banks.   Also known as a fluffy frenchie stud, Elon of Designer French Bulldogs is one of the top in the USA.

There is no cuter Frenchie puppy than an Elon Sacks Frenchie puppy!

Frenchie stud service

Fluffy Frenchie Stud service

Elon throws some amazing fluffys as well as standards carrying fluffy, isabella (testable chocolate) lilac, blue, tan points and more.  Elon is well known as one of the top up and coming studs in the French Bulldog world.  With Amazing one of a kind structure, short back, great muscle tone and shape and a flat muzzle.  Elon is a blue and tan Merle, carrying both fluffy L1 as well as testable chocolate meaning he can produce Isabella, Lilac, Blue, as well as varieties of these same colors with the Merle Pattern as well.

fluffy frenchie stud

Fluffy French bulldog stud service

Elon has an amazing temperament, he is extremely docile and loving yet loves to play if you initiate.  He fetches as well as he cuddles and snuggles and is overall a quiet dog as well.  He gets along well with babies, cats and other puppies as well as larger adult Frenchies.  Overall his physical structure and appearance, his sought after one of a kind genetics and his 1 in a million temperament make him one of top studs, if not the top Frenchie Stud carrying both Fluffy and Isabella in the United States.  One of the best fluffy french bulldog stud in the business.

Elon’s pups are just as cute as can be!

Frenchie puppies near me

Short back, short legs, no shed gene, most carry fluffy and testable, all are amazing looking! Small perfectly set ears, amazing short and compact build with strong bone and structure through.  No Tails, Elon’s pups almost look fake!

merle french bulldog puppy

Frenchie Stud Service

Here at Designer French Bulldogs we strive to be one of the best French bulldog breeders anywhere in the USA.  How do we do that? There is certainly no short answer to that question! By starting with some of the best of all French Bulldog genetics in our breeding males and females we work with top quality.  Focus is first on structure, than temperament, and than lastly the rare French bulldog colors.  Being a French bulldog breeder means much more than just having some puppies.  There needs to be a plan in place years before you get to that point.

French Bulldog stud service

Best Fluffy French Bulldog stud service

Here at Designer Frenchies we can send our Frenchie for sale anywhere in the USA.  That being said, people often find us when searching for the best Fluffy French Bulldog Stud as well as Frenchie Breeders near me. The cost of purchasing a puppy does not include transportation or a nanny for delivery.  Utilizing a puppy nanny gives us the ability and security to send our pups anywhere in the United States.  With a puppy nanny, our French Bulldog Puppies for sale fly safely and comfortable year round.

Fluffy Frenchie Breeders near me who care

If you are searching for the right Frenchie breeders near me, you have found us! Though we most likely have a waiting list, our pups are well worth every second!  Because of our high level of standard with our dogs and our breeding, we often do have a waiting list.  Finding the right pup is not about turn around time, it is about finding the right puppy to fit your family.  Sure, they should act similar to the breed standard as a French Bulldog Puppy for sale, but much more than that matters.  Also, if interested in a fluffy or long haired frenchie, please check out our furry french bulldog section.

Structure is key for the right French Bulldog Stud

We offer some of the best structure and genes in the world at a fair French bulldog price.  So consider quality when looking at the total French Bulldog cost and the fluffy french bulldog price

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