Blue and tan Frenchies

Finding the perfect blue and tan frenchie or blue french bulldog for sale, also known as a blue frenchie puppy for sale can be time consuming.  There is so many to choose from and finding the right breeder.  Breeders that breed for quality offer correct structure and health guarantees because they can.

blue and tan french bulldogs for sale

blue and tan frenchie puppy

blue and tan Frenchie

Here at DFB we work with the absolute top lines for blue and tan french bulldog puppies in the country.  With a real animal biologist on site (company owner) we work with some of the best genetics in the Frenchie world.  When you purchase a pup from us, you can rest assured you are getting what you pay for.  What we normally tell people who think they can get quality pups are puppy mill prices is “cheap is expensive”.

blue and tan french bulldog puppy

Blue and tan French bulldog

blue and tan merle frenchie

Blue and Tan Frenchies for sale

Frenchies for sale can be found in all shapes, sizes and colors.  When choosing a blue and tan french bulldog puppy for sale, you will need to do your homework, and not rush.  There are so many back yard breeders that have taken to selling on social media.  We highly recommend that you do not consider buying a dog from a “facebook or craigslist” post.

blue and tan french bulldog

Buying the right blue frenchie puppy for sale is key to enjoying what the breed standard is supposed to be.  When you buy a puppy from us, you not only receive a health guarantee, you also receive years of support and decades of genetic work all in one blue and tan frenchie puppy.

blue and tan french bulldog

Blue and tan merle Frenchie puppy

blue and tan merle frenchie puppy

No matter the color, all of our French bulldogs for sale, come with our full health guarantee.  All of our Frenchies for sale breed stock is genetic health tested 4 panel clear! No matter which French bulldog puppies for sale you purchase, all come with the same guarantee.  Blue and tan Frenchie puppies are just gorgeous whether they are merle, non merle, or Fluffy French Bulldog puppies.

frenchie breeders

blue and tan Frenchies for sale

blue and tan frenchie

Blue and tan frenchie puppies

Blue French bulldog are some of the most popular of the newer colors.  It is crazy to remember when the blues started and how they were so rare and therefore expensive.  Blue Frenchie for sale are still popular and now we have amazing combos like the Blue Merle French bulldog also referred to as the blue merle frenchie by some enthusiasts.

Blue and Tan frenchie puppies are middle of the road in price and are still highly sought after for their amazing blue fur and tan pointed contrasts.  Like the black and tans, some are tricolor meaning they also have a white patch or fully white chest.   Last but not least is the newest and rarest of the blues, the blue Fluffy French Bulldog.  Like the solid Blue French bulldog puppies for sale, these guys have one color, or can be blue and tan as well. The main difference is of course that they are fluffy french bulldogs.