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Lilac Merle Frenchie

Available Frenchie puppies for sale

Lyla + Showtime Litter is Due Dec 20!  We currently have 3 spots remaining on this amazing litter.  Both parents with great structure, perfect rope, ears and eyes.  Dad is a pint sized super compact lilac and tan multi-show winner.  This litter is going to be one of our nicest of the year and colors will include lilac, lilac tan, lilac tan merle, blues, blue merle, and maybe a cream or platinum.  If you are interested in reserving please call or text is easiest, or you can also email us.  609-827-2645 Brian & Jen

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Q: How do I reserve a Frenchie puppy?

A: If you are interested in one of our pups, which are normally all sold before they are 4 weeks old, fill out our available French bulldog puppy inquiry form located above, or call and/or text Brian 609-442-5189.

Unfortunately, we receive a ton of spam calls, so texting to setup a call works best! Our pups fly anywhere in USA.  All of our litters for the year are coming up, so you miss out on this next one, there is another litter due 8 days thereafter!  Same colors plus Isabella and New Shade Isabella including Fluffy! Once you have decided you would like to purchase one of our amazing pups, please fill out the  Designer French Bulldogs puppy contract and email it to us at DesignerFrenchAbulls AT

Lilac Merle Frenchie

✈️ Our Frenchie pups fly anywhere in USA! ✈️

Designer French Bulldogs is a family run French Bulldog Breeder working with top AKC bloodlines.  Our Frenchies are “thick boned, and English Bulldog Esque” in cuteness, wrinkles and structure.  There is such variation these days in the quality and structure of the dog itself that we see some French bulldogs for sale that look more like Boston Terriers, long legged, skinny bone structure, projected snouts, little to no sub cut fat wrinkles etc. When you purchase from us, you are purchasing what we believe a Frenchie should be in genetics, looks, health and temperament.

Working with some of the best French bulldog genetics in the world, we are proud to offer French Bulldog Puppies for sale that exemplify the breed standard for:

  • Structure
  • Temperament
  • 4 Panel Health Clear
  • Rarest Colors and color combinations
  • Intelligence
  • Trainability

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French bulldog puppies

Frenchies for sale can be found in all shapes, sizes and colors.  When choosing a blue french bulldog puppy for sale, you will need to do your homework, and not rush.  There are so many back yard breeders that have taken to selling on social media.

We highly recommend that you do not consider buying a dog from a “facebook or craigslist” post.  Buying the right blue frenchie puppy for sale is key to enjoying what the breed standard is supposed to be.  When you buy a puppy from us, you not only receive a health guarantee, you also receive years of support and decades of genetic work all in one blue frenchie puppy.

French Bulldog puppies for sale

If you are searching for the perfect black and tan French bulldog puppies for sale, look no further! Our French bulldog puppies for sale come from some of the top genetics in the entire world. When you’re searching for the right black and tan Frenchie for sale it’s important that you focus on genetics and structure.  We also offer solid colored frenchies including pure black french bulldog puppiesBlack and Tan Frenchie is a popular color combination for sure.

French Bulldog puppy for sale

One of the more interesting variations of a Merle French Bulldog puppy for sale is the blue Merle Frenchie.  A Blue Merle French bulldog for sale will have the same broken pattern as any other variant of Merle.  The shaded color will in this case be blue.  So it would be blue over white, as opposed to black, lilac, tan, brown, etc.  A Blue Merle French Bulldog are rare and quite expensive.  Blue Merle Frenchie prices are in median range. On Average, a quality blue merle frenchie puppy will run you 8-12,000.00 as a pet, and even more if you are looking for full AKC registration for breeding.   Lastly, with french bulldog genetics, there are a wide number of french bulldog colors available to consider!

French Bulldog puppies near me

Looking for the perfect brindle french bulldog puppies for sale? Brindle French Bulldog puppies for sale are more common than most other French Bulldog colors.  Not considered one of the more rare French bulldog colors, a brindle Frenchie puppy is thought by some French Bulldog breeders to also come with better structure than other colors.  As one of the best french bulldog breeders around, we work with some of the best French Bulldog geneticsBrindle French bulldogs are more common and we typically do not have them available as we primarily work with rare Frenchie colors.

 French Bulldog Puppy near me

A Brindle Frenchie is one of the staple colors of the breed itself.  Interestingly, most high level breeders swear that it is super important to carry the brindle color gene.  Why? Because they believe that dogs that possess the brindle allele whether expressed visually or not, have better structure.  We see the same thing with the pied coloration.  A French Bulldog Breeder actually will prefer that the dog carries both pied and / or brindle for structure purposes.  Brindle Frenchie pups are most common and probably the most affordable.

Chocolate French Bulldogs near me

A Classic color that is just beautiful within the Frenchie Breed is the Chocolate French Bulldog for sale.  Chocolate Frenchie Puppies are also part of the new Isabella program and is responsible now for some beautiful new colors.  These new colors, also known as new shade, or new shades are based on carrying either 1 or 2 copies of the Chocolate gene allele.  We do work with some chocolate carrier females within our program, usually for purpose of producing Isabella.  If you are searching for a chocolate french bulldog puppy for sale, check our available waiting list spots for Chocolate.  Most of our French Bulldog Puppies for sale can be found on our website.

Chocolate French bulldog puppies for sale

While not always available, we do work with Chocolate carrying females and have beautiful chocolate pups from time to time.  The shade of chocolate being a milk chocolate color rather than dark more often than not. From time to time we have brown shade and brown shade tan babies available as well.  The chocolate color gene offers quite a variety of differently shaded French bulldog puppies for sale.  If you are interested in further exploring French bulldog genetics or French bulldog colors for rare French bulldog colors, feel free to check out the pages we have put together for educational purposes.

Fluffy French Bulldog

The newest and rarest and some say the cutest is the fluffy french bulldog.  “Fluffy Frenchies for sale” or Fluffy Frenchie puppies for sale are becoming common searches from soon to be puppy owners.  The way the fluffy French Bulldog gene works is that both parents must carry a copy of the L4 gene.  If each parent carries at least one copy, than the puppies will either be visually fluffy or carry at least one copy of the gene for long fur.

Fluffy French Bulldog puppies for sale

From time to time, we will offer some beautiful fluffy french bulldog puppies for sale to approved homes.  Since they are so rare, our Fluffy parents cost in the neighborhood of 30-65k per dog.  This means the fluffy puppies cost will be significantly higher than even the other rare colors.  Keep in mind these are going to be amazing pups and absolutely as stunning visually as they are rare.

Fluffy Frenchie for sale

Like all other Frenchies, Fluffers come in different colors including all of the common and rare French Bulldog colorsFrench bulldog genetics are fun to work with and we are able to create some of the most amazing fluffy Frenchie colors you will ever see.  While they are all gorgeous, the rarer colors of fluffy Frenchies will cost more than the more common.  For example, a Lilac tan Fluffy will cost more than a brindle fluffy.  At the same time, a Isabella Fluffy will cost more than a Lilac Fluff.

Isabella French Bulldog puppies for sale

If you’re searching for the perfect new baby Isabella French Bulldog puppy, you have come to the right place! Our Isabella Frenchie puppies for sale are some of the nicest of all in the USA.  With a real animal biologist on site, (our owner!) we work with some of the world’s top French Bulldog Genetics.

Isabella French Bulldog

One of the rarest and most sought after of all French Bulldog colors, owning an Isa is not cheap or easy!  Finding an Isabella french bulldog puppy for sale is both extensive in time and expensive in cost!  What color is it actually?  A tan but more vibrant is easiest to describe.  Some even can border on pink, and now there is even Pink Isa shades coming available.

Isabella Frenchies puppies

They are sure beautiful and rare, but are they any different than other beautiful Frenchie colors?  That is a call only the puppies owner can make.  Below you will find a graphic that displays some of the versions of the Isabella Frenchie puppies for sale genes that can be expressed in a variety of ways both genotypical (carrying) and phenotypical (visual).

Lilac French Bulldog puppies for sale

Until about a decade ago, Lilac Frenchie for sale were a figment of imagination.  After years of careful breeding, Lilac French bulldog breeder groups were able to create a beautiful pigment that almost glows light purple, or lilac, and named it accordingly.  Sometimes people will confuse lilac with blue but Lilac is normally going to be lighter, and react much differently to light itself.  The way a lilac french bulldog puppy for sale looks is significantly lighter than a blue french bulldog puppy.

Lilac Merle French bulldog

One of the most rare and beautiful of all French Bulldog colors is the lilac Merle French BulldogLilac Merle French bulldog make up an amazing group of color combinations.  Close in look to the blue Merle French Bulldog, the lilac is even more rare.  Owning a lilac merle Frenchie puppy is just as rewarding as every other color, they’re just even cooler looking than most! Frenchie puppies for sale of all colors are considered more expensive due to the cost of c sections and stud fees, and these guys are no different.

French Bulldog Breeders who care

No matter the color, all of our French bulldogs for sale, come with our full health guarantee.  All of our Frenchies for sale breed stock is genetic health tested 4 panel clear! No matter which French bulldog puppies for sale you purchase, all come with the same guarantee.

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